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My Services

Find Your Path to Healing Outside of the Courtroom.

Services are provided on a sliding scale between $100.00 - $275.00 per hour. Please contact me directly to discuss your situation and determine pricing based on your finances and needs.


The primary focus of our therapy services consists of Reunification Therapy and Co-Parenting Therapy for high conflict families. Court-appointed therapeutic services are also available.

Services start at $180.00.

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Parenting Time Supervision

Supervised parenting time should not take place in a cold, clinical setting. True relationship rebuilding should happen from the comfort of your home, local park, or favorite restaurant.

From two hour evening dinner visits, to mornings at your local play place, to full ten-hour week days, we can meet the needs of any parenting time schedule or arrangement. I am willing to ride in your vehicle, attend family events with you, and create a parenting time environment that is relaxed and comfortable. 

Supervised parenting time can be court ordered with reports and court testimony or voluntary between families wherein it may be beneficial to have a neutral third-party attend parenting time in lieu of court attendance.

Services start at $100.00.

Guardian Ad Litem and 
Parenting Time Coordinator


Guardian Ad Litem's have a duty to the Court to investigate the child’s circumstances and make recommendations regarding the child’s best interests. 

Parenting Time Coordination can be viewed as a form of alternative dispute resolution in family law cases.

Services start at $225.00.

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