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Services are provided on a sliding scale between $100.00 - $300.00 per hour. Please contact me directly to discuss your situation and determine pricing based on your finances and needs.

Blake Family Therapy, LLC


Finding a therapist who is comfortable with the legal system can be a significant undertaking.


The individual goals of an advocating attorney, a difficult co-parent, caught-in-the-middle children, and a family therapist can easily become misaligned and cause even greater harm to an already fractured family. Prior to becoming licensed as a family therapist, Lauren was a family law paralegal for ten years - her career has focused around assisting litigating and high conflict families in need.

The primary focus of our therapy services consists of Reunification Therapy and Co-Parenting Therapy. Common themes in these therapy settings are parental alienation, discipline, emotional regulation, and boundaries. Court-appointed therapeutic services are also available. We are willing to work with your counsel by way of letters and legal testimony as required.

Services start at $180.00.

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Blake Family Supervision, LLC
Parenting Time Supervision

Supervised parenting time can be uncomfortable enough without it taking place in a clinical setting. Natural relationship building is best taken place in the comfort of your local park, favorite restaurant, or even at home. From two hour evening dinner visits, to mornings at your local play place, to full eight-hour week days, we can meet the needs of any parenting time schedule or arrangement - including providing staggered exchanges to avoid parental contact.


Our contracted parenting time supervisors all have a background in mental health services. Our priority is to ensure the safety, wellbeing, and best interests of the children in our care. 

The supervisors will create a parenting time environment that is relaxed and comfortable. All visits include detailed reporting.

Services start at $100.00.

Blake Family Advocacy, LLC
Guardian Ad Litem and 

Parenting Time Coordinator

MCL 700.5305

Guardian Ad Litem's have a duty to the Court to investigate the child’s circumstances and make recommendations regarding the child’s best interests. 

MCL 722.27c

Parenting Time Coordination can be viewed as a form of alternative dispute resolution in family law cases.

Services start at $200.00.

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